Mandala Vinyasa is a magical practice where we move around the mat in circles emulating the geometry of a mandala. The practice is based on the element that defines the day and it is also associated with the chakra that is identified with that element. In this way throughout the practice we will work on that part of the body, mind and spirit that is associated with the element.

On the 13th of July we will host the first of a series of Mandala Vinyasa workshops and we will start with the WATER element. This element is associated with the second chakra (Svadhistana) and it is deeply connected with the changes in life and how we adapt to them, also with our ability to go with the flow and with our sensibility and emotions. Phisically this practice will be focused on hip openers paying special attention to the fluidity of the movements.

The practice will start with a brief meditation to connect with the element followed by a short yin yoga sequence in order to awaken the hips and its surroundings. Then we will move on to the specific sun salutations of the Mandala practice in order to warm up the body and get ready to enter the standing and seated sequence. We will finish with a restorative yin sequence where we will focus on the opposite element in order to bring balance into the body and a well-deserved savasana where we will try to integrate the new emotions that have emerged through the practice.

The session will be closed with a freshly prepared smoothie to restore and activate the body 🙂 


María Cortés



21st september

Suturday 12:00-14:00



30 EUR (Early Bird 25 EUR)

* Early Bird until 29th June



Acclaimed yoga teacher based in New York, Tony is a firm believer in staying curious, and challenging ones sense of identity.

His teaching style blends elements of Ashtanga, Bikram, Forrest, Dharma and Kundalini.

Tony encourages students to step into their strength and to get curious about their practice. In these rigorous vinyasa classes, students will be invited to play with edge to find their hidden potential through physical awareness. That’s where the magic happens! All the soul wants is to connect and all the heart wants is to love.


This Masterclass with Tony is a unique blend of Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Forrest, and Dharma yoga that allow students to learn the best of numerous revered yoga disciplines. This class creates energy and vitality, helps to break attachments and purify the mind and the body. Breathing becomes a meditation, and is used to create space in the body from the inside out. By weaving together different techniques we can bridge gaps through traditional and modern yoga methods to create a practice that is both challenging and accessible. Each class includes standing postures, hip openers, backbends, forward folds, twists, and inversions. Classes can also include mantra, pranayama, kriya or meditation.


This workshop begins with a fun and challenging vinyasa sequence and transitions into a breakdown of different arm balances and inversion postures. The overall concept of Bandhas (energy locks) will be explained but we will focus primarily on Amsa Bandha – the shoulder lock, and Hasta Bandha – the hand lock.  Students will first practice incorporating the locks in easier arm balance variations and then will have the option to apply them to more difficult asanas. Inversions help to recirculate lymphatic and spinal fluid resulting in mental clarity and reduced anxiety.  Arm balances encourage students to connect to their strength and overcome fear.

HIPS DON´T LIE | SUNDAY 29th SEPTEMBER 11:30 – 13:30

We hold a lot of unprocessed emotions deep in the tissues of our body, our hips are one of the main areas that we tend to store old emotional trauma. This 2hr workshop will begin with a healing mantra and a calming, clear and meditative vinyasa warm up. We will then progress into the hip circuit with longer yin style holds. Mula and Uddhiyana Bandha will be used to stabilize and safely open the hips, glues, and inner groins. We will close with a Kundalini Kriya for peace and truth.


We will begin with a strong vinyasa class that includes abdominal exercises, standing postures, and inversions. After the warm up, we will flow into classical backbending postures with an interactive lecture focusing on alignment and technique. To safely backbend, it is imperative that we use our strength and awareness to open the body. In this 2 hour workshop we will focus on using the lower body, the muscles along the spinal column and the breath to open the front-side body and ultimately facilitate the backbend. Mantra and pranayama will also be taught.

* All workshops will be taught in English.


Tony Lupinacci



28th-29th September

11:30 -13:30 & 16:00-18:00



1 WORKSHOP 36 EUR (Early Bird 29 EUR)

2 WORKSHOPS 65 EUR (Early Bird 52 EUR)

3 WORKSHOPS 91 EUR (Early Bird 73 EUR)

4 WORKSHOPS 115 EUR (Early Bird 92 EUR)

* Early Bird until the 31st of july


MINDFULNESS. An 8-sessions course.


Mindfulness is a technique which emerged with the goal of bringing the Buddhist meditation to the western culture. Having its foundations on the tradition this practice is based on learning how to live moment by moment, experiencing the present and the power of the NOW. Only by switching off the usual ‘automatic mode’ we all live with and being really aware of how we are we will be able to make the most of every second and find inner peace with ourselves. In this course we will work through theoretical principles which will help us understand the real part: the practice. The weekly sessions will let us progress in a gradual way helping us to integrate the practice in our everyday lives step by step.

¿What can we expect from the course?

With a consistent practice we will be able to canalize our attention and stabilize our minds and emotions. Mental agitation will decrease and we will start to deepen in ourselves and experience the present moment fully. We will start to better understand our reactions (normally driven by inherited mental patterns) and learn to react with freedom. The goal is to be able to see reality from an objective and positive point of view, avoiding any sort of unnecessary suffering.

The course will be taught by Lucía Amo, psycologist with a broad experience in Mindfulness and studies in MBCT (Mindful-based cognitive therapy) by the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) of the University of Bangor.


Lucía Amo



7th October – 25th November

Mondays 18:00-20:00



220 EUR (Early Bird 199 EUR)

* Early Bird until 30th September


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